News and Notes: Graduation Celebration at Clark Park!

Hello High Places!

Just a reminder that this Sunday is our graduation celebration at Clark Park in Oak Ridge. It looks like we may get a break from the weekend rain just in time for a wonderful outdoor party! We will begin at 10:45AM to allow any who may show up at the Grove to trickle over. (It is a short ride over to Clark Park, less than 10 minutes from our usual Sunday morning home!)

If you or someone in your family graduates from high school or college, we want to make sure we don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate and serve, so please let me know by responding to

Even if you can’t attend, we still want to mention you specifically by name and express a shared gratitude for this fabulous milestone, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Things Needed, Things to Bring:

We are planning to cook-out, so the kitchen team is asking for us to bring a favorite veggie of choice, fresh fruit, or perhaps a dessert! We may even do a contest on the veggies and let any graduates present pick their favorite item (because we know graduates don’t eat enough veggies!)

Bringing an outdoor lawn chair is always VERY helpful. Seating is tight and it is tough to load 50 chairs in the back of pick-up trucks. If you have one and maybe an extra, please bring along!

In the event of rain, we will meet at Clark Park anyway provided we can get the big shelter (it is a first come first serve deal, so a couple of EARL-y birds (hint dad and Tony), maybe can get there early to hold it for us.

I need a couple of standbys at the Grove to help usher traffic over to Clark Park with big smiles!

We’re going to have a GREAT Sunday morning experience, recognizing that CHURCH is WHEREVER WE ARE at ANY GIVEN TIME.

Other items – KID KAMP & YOUTH CAMP are coming up quickly. We could really use some help – human resources, giving resources, prayer warriors, and logistical planners are always a big part of what makes our camps so successful. See Chad or Kady for more!

It’s been an outstanding year so far at High Places and it just seems to be getting better and better! Thank you all for doing, giving, and most importantly for BEING so much!

In Him,