Our Core Beliefs

The following statements of belief are based upon Christian Scriptures and are core to High Places teachings. They reflect the most fundamental doctrines of the church throughout history and over the world.

We believe there is God - that He is one God, the ultimate source of all life and creation, who has revealed Himself over the course of human history through three primary relationships - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that His fundamental nature is love.

We believe there is sin - that within every human being is the inclination to think and live selfishly to varying degrees, which negatively impacts all of God's creation physically, spiritually and emotionally.

We believe there is brokenness in our world -   which God did not create but chooses to allow and use for greater purposes that are good.

We believe there is hope - that God the Son,  Jesus, came for the purpose of leading broken, lost, needy and hurting people back into a right and eternal relationship with their Creator.

We believe there is a written record - that the Christian Bible, is a divinely inspired and preserved written history of God and His creation that ultimately reflects His desire to establish a faith family through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe there is a spiritual family - the Church, which was established by Jesus Christ and exists as a growing family of faith, love and encouragement, for the purpose of continuing to extend His ministry to all people.

We believe there is divine presence - The Holy Spirit  is God who takes up permanent residence in the church through the life of every individual who follows Jesus, that they might increasingly display His presence, character, image, and likeness in their faith journey.

Our Common Ground

Diversity is a fact of life that we celebrate. It makes life interesting. Unity in diversity allows for wonderful growth and harmony, which is what we strive for in High Places.

Our most common ground begins with the understanding that we're all on a journey and that people are at different places in their life experience. 

We recognize that both encouragement and support are among the greatest gifts one can receive along the way, and believe that the church should be among the best places to find each.

We believe that a commitment to the following the two highest values given by Jesus places each of us in the best of hands and in the best  position to learn, love and serve others as we travel this life together.


Our Highest Values

We aim to love and value God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit) above all, as we believe that there is none greater or more worthy of our love, honor & highest respect.

We aim to love and value our neighbor as we love and value ourselves, believing that God has made each person with special and unique gifts and talents for purposes greater than ourselves.


All mission, vision, theology, and ministry flows from these two highest values.

Need to Know More?

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