Summer Camp is Here!

Hello High Places!

I hope it has been a wonderful summer so far. Summers tend to be a busy, busy time for so many with beach trips, sports camps, family visits, and more. If you missed a few Sunday's, don't worry -- we're still here! And we've missed you too!

This past Sunday was a wonderful turn-out as we kicked off our new series. This Sunday we will hit part two with a look at the concept of "church fellowship." Hanging out together and enjoying one another's company is not only extremely HEALTHY, it is also a great way to GROW together!

Our teenagers will enjoy some "fellowship" next week at Big Ridge State Park for our annual Off the Wall Summer Camp. This year's theme is "LIMITLESS" and one thing that seem almost limitless is the number of campers we have committed!

Kudos to Chad and team for ministry to what could top 85 teenagers -- our largest summer camp ever!

With a camp this large, needs get multiplied. Everything from transportation to the amount of extra sunscreen we need to pack for kids that forget!

Thank you to the MANY who have already contributed to our kitchen needs for camp, made extra donations to help sponsor our campers and youth ministry, and who are volunteering in so many ways to help make this happen.

There are still many ways for the church at large to help out -- starting with a commitment to pray for us all next week. For many campers and counselors alike, it will be their first experience at Big Ridge. Pray for God to work and move, pray for a safe camp, and pray for those young people who may have never opened up to God's love to be ready to receive Him.

In fact, if you are willing -- would you consider setting your phone alarm to buzz you at 8:00AM and 8:00PM every day next week as a reminder to pray? 8:00AM because that's the start of every day for campers... and 8:00PM because that is approaching our bonfire time where many students open up and share.

The next thing we would really love is to have the whole church come visit us at Big Ridge on Thursday night for family night and baptisms. Bring a side dish to share and come up by 6:00PM to enjoy dinner as well.

NEEDS LIST FOR CAMP is evolving and changing, but for now we could really use some help Saturday driving back luggage, gear, and kitchen supplies. A few extra trucks would be very helpful. Also, when we return having a crew on hand to help us unpack at the Grove (noon on Saturday) is always a welcome sight after a long, hot week at camp.

Stay in touch with Chad and our staff for more specific needs as they arise.

Finally, our Mountain Movers are invited to get a "taste" of camp on Saturday night before we had over the keys to Big Ridge on Sunday. See Kady Marcotte this Sunday for more on the over-nighter at Big Ridge for our children's ministry.  

Thank you for taking time to read this long email! We're heading into a great week!

Much love,