News and Notes, May 12

Good Morning High Places!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, it was so great to see everyone and you all looked beautiful. This weekend we continue our look at the “invitational” church with the Apostle Paul and also, a look at the late Prince Rogers Nelson (of whom I was admittedly a fan). What could Prince at the Apostle have in common? Hmmm… we will see!

I have a few very special requests ---

This Saturday, we will be hosting our “Friends of the Grove Theater” brunch and I could really use a few extra breakfast casseroles, cinnamon rolls, etc. to serve our guests. If you are willing to whip something up for Saturday morning at 9:30AM, please let me know by replying to this email. Thank you!!!

At the end of the month, Wednesday June 1st, High Places “Off the Wall” youth ministry will be hosting a big event for area teenagers – “School’s Out, Three-Point Shoot Out!” We really want to be able to provide GREAT prizes for the winners and we need a budget to work with…. So if you are willing and able to chip in for this event, drop something in the box or use the new HPCC smartphone App under the GIVE section.

As you probably know, our youth and children’s ministries have about as wide and as deep of a reach into our community as there is in Oak Ridge. Our SUMMER PROGRAMS are practically unrivaled when it comes to providing fun and caring environments for students… and as we mention each year, we need church support to pull this off.

Our summer budget for the school’s out event, Big Ridge, Kid Kamp and more will easily reach about $3,000. As we begin a new 90-Day Faith Challenge in June, would you be willing to pray for High Places commitment and investment in these important summer ministries, and to ask God how he might use you? In and through our faith, God does incredible things each year at High Places with this community’s young people

Mark your calendars for Sunday May 22, as this is typically the Sunday we go to Clark Park for a church picnic and graduation celebration. We are working on being “first in” for the large pavilion near the softball fields, so expect us to meet there instead of the Grove for our main meeting.

Kid Kamp is June 20-23 and Kady Marcotte is looking for a team of helpers. If you can help serve our children by teaching, shepherding, organizing games or even help with the planning, please notify her of your willingness this week.

Finally, our quarterly leadership meeting is this Sunday from 5:00-7:00PM. If you have not already responded to Martin to confirm attendance, please do so today.

Keep the many who are hurting in our church in your prayers, including Debbie Casey’s brother, Julie, Rebecca Mantooth’s brother, and many others.

Thank you all and have a great week!