High Places Easter Sunday!! He is Risen!

Good Wednesday morning to you all and happy Easter week! The weather has been outstanding this week, and although there is a chance of showers over the weekend, Easter day could potentially look good, especially as the day rolls on. It will be a great holiday to enjoy the day with friends and family, and hopefully, a church family too! 

High Places is excited to spend our 29th Easter together and we would love to share the morning with you! Our meeting begins at 10:30 AM and there will be music, a skit for the kids, an Easter message, lots of food, and an egg hunt following the service. We would love to have you join us!

High Places regulars, please remember we're having lunch after so bring something to eat and something to share. Also for those interested in helping with getting ready for Easter, a cleaning time is scheduled for Thursday at 5:30 PM. We also have Saturday reserved to help with any last minute things we want to get done. 

Easter is a time for family, that builds great memories for children. More than that however, it is the time when the Church around the world, literally billions of people, gather to celebrate the triumph of God's love over everything in this world, including His victory over death itself. Easter is a day of deep, abiding HOPE for all people. 

Would you be willing to come worship together with us on this incredible day? We hope to see you, love you very much, and are excited about all God is doing in our community and through His church at High Places. 

Happy Easter everyone!!


High Places Community Church

"I am the resurrection and the life."  ~ Jesus