Two concerts & and a great Sunday planned this weekend!

Happy Thursday High Places!

This weekend, we have two great opportunities to share the light in our community! First, the United Way of Anderson County has the second "Outpour" concert on Friday night. Several area bands, many of which are fairly well known, are donating their talent to this event. From 5:30 to 10:30 PM tomorrow, the Grove will be filled with great music, from folk to punk rock. About 93 cents on every dollar raised will be going directly to local non-profits like Aid to Distressed Families, Boys and Girls Clubs of Oak Ridge, and dozens of others! Tickets are $15.

I also need 2-3 individuals who can help with concessions and at least one more person to help with childcare (mostly just playing a movie in the small theater, followed by some light crafts, coloring, games). Drop me an email please if you're available and thank you!

Saturday, we are pleased to be hosting the non-profit "City of Refuge" ( ). This organization exists to help teens in trauma cope with anxiety and stress by using their God-given creative abilities. The more I learn about this organization, the more in common I feel like we have with them.

The concert is called, "An Interactive Concert for Life," and organizer Kyle Ford sent me this description last week...

Everyone needs healthy ways they can cope with stress, anger, depression, etc.  Soundtrack to a Life is an interactive concert/show experience to promote healthy creative coping skills, connecting local creatives with adolescents/families coping with traumatic life situations, while telling the story of a fictional person going through a traumatic life situation and how she uses music as a way to cope with each emotion she experiences (therefore creating a soundtrack to her life). Creative meet and greet / workshops start at 4pm on March 30, 2019 and the music show will be starting at 6pm. Childcare will be provided starting at 6p and go until 10:30pm. A minimum $10 donation is requested or $20 for the whole family.”

I hope everyone can attend one or both of these events, they seem pretty amazing! 

This Sunday, we will take a deeper look into Jesus' idea of sin verses the Law's idea of sin. Jesus gives us two case studies to go by -- murder and adultery -- and He spells out specifically why we all need something more than a rulebook to be our best selves. I hope you'll come out and join us this week!

Don't forget, Easter is just around the corner... it's not too early to begin inviting friends to celebrate the day with us at High Places. 

Much love to you all,