Blessed are the Merciful

… for they will receive mercy.

Walking a mile in someone else's shoes isn't easy, but Jesus suggests in the beatitudes that it's basically a precursor to knowing how to hunger and thirst for righteousness. It keeps us poor in spirit, humble, meek, and allows us to comfort others with the comfort we have received. From there, we're ready to do the work of the Gospel -- to show mercy to others, to be peacemakers. 

Look forward to this Sunday as Martin shares. I have always felt like mercy was a spiritual gift that Martin has in spades. Lord knows he has shown me a ton of it through the years and always when I needed it most. 

Mercy is a tough one because it is not only hard to give when we are craving justice, but it is probably even harder to receive. We often fall into two places when it comes to mercy -- either we don't see the blindspots where we have offended others (or God) and thereby don't think we need mercy, or we can sometimes feel like we aren't worthy of mercy because we're our own worst critics. 

Jesus came to show us the better way. And that oftentimes, showing ourselves mercy and accepting the mercy of God is how we are truly transformed. I hope to see everyone on Sunday. 


A late update and opportunity to serve... anyone that can help the Lyons family get some furniture and move it to their new place, please meet at the Ecumenical Storehouse at 11:00 tomorrow (Friday). Anyone with a truck and a few extra hands would be extremely helpful.

Love to you all,