A Thank You, An Invitation, and Two Requests

Good evening High Places, 

First of all, thank you so much for the support during Don Pattison's funeral. From the music (thank you Don Fleischer!) to the food that was prepared, to the decorating, and all the behind the scenes cleaning, High Places really showed up and provided some needed TLC to the day. I sincerely appreciate it -- and I felt like all your commitments here really freed me up to focus on the family and the homily. I can't thank you enough and I know that David and all his family very appreciated your service. I thought it went beautifully and that God was present bringing comfort through each of you. 

Secondly, you are formally invited to NHC this Sunday to help serve the elderly there. We commit to lead worship every February, so we will be there all month. We usually arrive between 9:00 and 9:15. We shouldn't arrive any earlier because the orderlies give out medicine around 9:00 AM. After gathering all the residents into the social room, we do several songs and a very short homily with them, then roll them back to their locations. I believe that each year we receive from as much love as we provide. I hope you will join us. 

9:15 AM @ NHC every Sunday in February. NCH is located @ 300 Laboratory Road in Oak Ridge. 

Finally, I have two needs for the upcoming week. On Sunday afternoon around 3:00 PM, I need someone to open up, greet, and welcome Monica Sparks to the theater. Monica is trying out for "The Voice" in Nashville later this month. She is doing a fundraiser concert Sunday evening (donation only) to help cover her hotel costs while she travels. She is the worship leader at Lifehouse Christian Church and I am excited to serve her -- and attend the show, which begins at 6:00 PM.  

I just need one person to let her in this Sunday at 3:00 PM to make a personal contact, and let her know High Places is cheering for her! I should be along around concert time and will handle locking the place up. And by all means, come out and support her if you can! We always love to see our local talent make it big! 

The second thing I need is for Tuesday afternoon, as the Grove is hosting the first annual "InterFaith Harmony Month Kickoff Celebration." I would like to have a liason to work with organizers just to help make sure they feel comfortable until I can arrive later that day. Several of our area non-profits and faith communities will set up information booths (we will too!) as part of the event. I will be around, but not until later in the afternoon -- looking for someone to help them feel at home starting around 3:00 PM. I should be there by 5:00 PM or a little after. 

So, I could really use a volunteer 3:00 PM on Tuesday. The job is simply unlocking the door, offering a smile, and helping them get situated if they have a question.   

I will make these announcements again on Sunday -- just wanted to get them out there early. GREAT opportunities to SERVE and to LOVE our wonderful community!! So many exciting things happening!! 

Thank you!