News and Notes: Post Easter

Wow! What a wonderful Easter we had together at High Places this week!

The crowd (somewhere upwards of 170!), the music, the choir, the food -- and most importantly -- the SPIRIT of the day was fantastic. I want to pause and say a big THANK YOU to the scores of people who worked very hard to make this Easter successful.

Our food team, ambiance team, building and grounds team, cleaning team, hosting and greeting volunteers, music team, choir, children and youth ministries, and audio-visual crew all worked extremely hard and put in EXTRA-EFFORT to make everything come off without a hitch. #blessedbeyondbelief

I can't begin to express how much it means to me to see God's people at High Places take so much CARE in making our time together overflow with love, service to Him, and celebration. I am truly humbled by our support teams, volunteers, and staff commitment. Thank you! Thank you!

This Sunday we pick up IMMEDIATELY on the Easter story, right where we left off in John 20, with a look at the Holy Spirit and God's Breath. Has God ever "breathed on you?" How do we recognize when He does? What are we supposed to do with His breath?

Ironically, I will be sharing this message while battling a nasty lung infection -- keep me in your prayers!

SPECIAL INTEREST ANNOUNCEMENT -- This one requires a 48-hour response window. Those of us who signed up for NT Wright's "Simply Jesus" online course using the coupon code just before Easter have been given a 2nd Coupon Code to invite one friend to the course for only $10.

What this means is that if you A) Have Internet Access, and B) Have Interest in Learning about the Historical Jesus and His Mission, that some of us are willing to sign you up. Let me know by replying here if you would like to participate. There are 13 video lectures (all short) and some supplemental reading. We will debrief a few times together as a group at my house this month and next.

High Places SOFTBALL is back in FULL SWING and we would love to have you come support our men and women in green this Tuesday at 8:00PM at Jefferson field. It's a lot of FUN!

Our GAG (Grove Action Group) has met and walked the building. They will be sharing a few things this Sunday about ways to plug in -- and no, you don't have to be a handyman or construction genius to play a part in shaping up our space! I think we will all be surprised by the "little" things that we can do that will make huge differences in the Grove. So stay tuned for that!

Lots and lots of happenings and goings on. Please pray for Jan Joyal who we all missed on Easter because she broke her foot! Prayers for quick healing and comfort to her. Prayers also to the many who are battling illnesses (like our prayer team leader Julie!) and who have experienced loss in recent weeks (like the Clark family in the loss of Karen's dad).

So excited for the coming weeks.... they are going to be GRAND!

Love you all,