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Walk Thru the Bible - New Testament


Walk Thru the New Testament

Learn the People, Places, and Events of the New Testament in a fun and creative way. Gain an understanding of the Big Picture of God's Story. Appropriate for all ages.

Event starts at 1:00PM, however all are welcome to attend an introductory session during morning services at 10:30AM.

Cost: $18 per person

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Understand the New Testament in a Whole New Way!

Passages that were once puzzling will suddenly become clear. You'll be able to connect the Old Testament to the New Testament with unprecedented confidence. Long after the live event, you'll be excited to learn more about Jesus and the Bible!

Begin a Fun and Interactive Journey

Learn more about the New Testament than you ever thought possible in a few short hours. Walk where Jesus walked, relive the birth and growth of the early church, and travel with the apostle Paul as he shares the gospel with the world. By the end of the five hour event, participants will:

  • Creatively learn in chronological order 77 key people, places, and events in the New Testament—without taking notes!
  • Learn to arrange in sequence the well-known events of the life of Christ.
  • Discover what happened during the 400 years between the Old and New Testaments.
  • Gain insights and understanding of the events in the book of Acts, the beginning of the church, and the missionary journeys of Paul.
  • Tie together the structure of the New Testament into a complete whole.

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Board Game Social!

Kady Marcotte is hosting a board game social after the service on Sunday afternoon. Festivities should begin around 12:30PM and go for a couple of hours. All ages invited! This is a great time to socialize and get to know our children & our kid pastor!

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